Code Geass R2 – episode 05: Knight of Rounds

This series really amusing from rebellion to high school, politics, love, comedy and mecha and packed in a really nerve wrecking episodes. So far it still kept me on the edge of the screen. And I can’t be laughing more evilly than seeing Governor Calares death.

There so many interesting parts especially episode 4 is really surprising, how he can take control of “him”. I’m already pretty sure that Lelouch 99% dead at the end of the third episode.(XD lol of course I know its impossible coz if he’s dead the series would be over)

Still I don’t know why the emperor just keep him alive.

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Code Geass R2 – 1st Episode: The Day the Demon Awaken

It’s hereeee~!!! Yeah the second season of the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. After the shocking cliffhanger of the first season, again we have the first second season episode in a blast.

Code Geass R2 Title

As I saw the the scene (and the preceding commercial) you probably asking the same thing… what happen on last climax or cliffhanger? apparently… you won’t get it directly.

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