Gundam 00 – episode 20: Blade of Revolution

(I’ll up the pics later also in some review ahead, since my program crashed) Thank God for VLC~

Gundam00 20 Title Screen

This episode just add the complexity of the story~

Meanwhile Saji still sulking on what happen to Louise, apparently Louise hand cannot be regenerated because of the beam particles thats released from the Gundam. Wow~ regeneration! the medical technology in that world already reach such phase~

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Gundam 00 – episode 19: Bonds

Gundam 00 DVD

This episode bring many surprise to the audience~ as people sing “War huh-hah, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing”~ The oil export regulation and the solar power plant, which cease the usage of fossil fuels really hit the middle eastern country and cause 20 years of solar electricity warfare just because some people greed and politics. Sounds like real huh~ who knows it might happen in reality.

So here’s the episode 19~

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