Knight Rider 2008

The Knight Rider 2008 Title Screen

For you in the states (and have high bandwidth net unlike me) probably have watch the pilot episode last February, yes its the revival of my old favorite series, Knight Rider. This time it’s a Mustang GTR, totally Rocks~!

Although I also saw Indiana Jones last Saturday, somehow I prefer to review this.

Looks like this time KITT is also equipped with nano-technology, and a whooping 0.014 Litre/km solar hybrid engine with 550 Horse Power. Whoa~! we totally need that kind of engine since the oil price going over the roof. BTW KITT also voiced by Val Kilmer! Imagine Batman voice as your personal AI voice, it’s really cool~

KITT in high-speed mode

The first episode drama is quite good. Other than the nice CGs, I like when KITT try to soothe Sarah emotion~ And the drama isn’t that bad at all though many official reviews not really scored it good.

But I still gonna look forward to this~

(Image and information taken from Wikipedia)