Little Blizzard at My Home

While I was out today, there’s a heavy rain at my house. But unlike the usual rain. This one is packed with ICE~ OMG this is a friggin’ TROPICAL COUNTRY~ but the ice with the size of a thumb even fill the backyard (my driver snap it on his cell and show me, sorry I haven’t get the pic yet, but I can see the green grass filled with white ice blocks)~

When i got home the rain already calms down but… looks like the roof tiles especially the glass sunroof tiles, which doest design for this kind situation, are broken, only some though~ but its pretty damaging. Luckily my room almost doesn’t leak, only few drips that made a really small puddle, looks like from the wind from the corner window~.

There’s at least eight spot that leaked through~ especially where the glass tiles are~