Rosario+Vampire – episode 05: School Swimsuit + Vampire

This season comes with one of the silly monster romance comedy anime~ (and ecchi too). Yes Rosario+Vampire although some people really expect this, too bad for them they only make it into 13 episodes. Looks like it wont reach the cool parts or they make a little of “that cool appearance” in the end and leave us unsatisfied (T__T just like Tenjo Tenge). But who knows lets just see how this running~


This anime begin with Aono Tsukune, a junior high graduate who didn’t manage to get accepted into high school of his choice instead his father received (Read: picked up on the road) an acceptance form of a mysterious high school from a (drunk) priest. In the middle of his walk to the school he got hit with bike by a beautiful girl which turn out to be his classmate, Akashiya Moka and later out turns out to be a Vampire and only after he attend his first day, he realized that the school is not ordinary high school but a monster high school. Moka is naturally a cry baby girl can change into a cool (and hot) first class fearsome vampire, so he began his story (for survival) and of course (like other shonen) building harem of monsters (Succubus, Snow Lady) and witches~ 😀

What he’s up to now, read the episode 5 reviews~

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