Just not my day~

As usual the printing job is held at last minute~ it took time for us to decide the content~ and then I have to switch the questions and kept modified it

and afterwards we have to print more than 31 x 10 x 4 pages of assessment booklet, and have to finished today (>_<) yikes~ and its already 4 PM~ so its gonna be overnight~ but later on a call came that the date is delayed~ after printing almost half of it~ so we scramble home~ what a waste of worries T__T

And on the road our old pick-up suddenly bursting smoke in the middle of the Burangrang road. Well its an old car a 70 something can box Toyota Kijang. So I end up taking public transportation aka angkot which drive so damn fast and wild~ XD and while listening to Code Geass OST I just tired out and walk home~

And thats today rants~

BTW I got Shana II ep 18 to review and I’m downloading Bamboo Blade right now~ but lets keep that for tommorow.