Macross F OST – Nyan Furo

The CD Cover

Finally, rawr~! The Macross F OST, although many songs from the opening and ending singles is also attached, now I can adore Ranka’s ” What ’bout My Star”. And as I heard the S.M.S song I immidiately make it into my ringtone XD. It’s a hillarious song, I’ll put the lyric if you wanna know.

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Macross Frontier – Episode 4: Miss Macross

Looks like this season I have to let down to download some series, but I still maintain two of my most favorite series: Macross Frontier and Code Geass R2. I love jet fighter since I was a child, and I still love those classic F-14 than F-22 Raptor. But when I saw Macross for the first time my eyes was gleaming seeing those variable Valkyries.

But as I grown, I realize that Macross is not just about cool airplanes, put aside alien attack and giant flying mother-ship, it’s also about love and feelings which poured into songs. It’s always the #1 Macross Brand, and even in Macross-F series they didn’t abandon this.

When Macross fans (and anime fans) heard the name of Yoko Kanno, they probably already guess some masterpiece songs, and now in this series, together with the beautiful vocal of Sakamoto Maya, they gonna once again enchant the anime worlds with songs.

Before hand, I have to apologize again because I have to skip some reviews on episode 2nd and 3rd. But I’ll try to make a quick short review on them.

Back on the first episode, Alto Saotome is a flight major student who perform as part of the Sheryl Nome concert, he accidentally met with Ranka Lee. But just in the middle of the show some alien life form shows and attack the Macross Frontier colony. In the midst of chaos Ranka got cornered by one of the alien, but as it coming closer Alto managed get on one of the Valkyrie of the S.M.S (a Private Military Provider) fallen pilot and start diverting it from her.

When I saw the first episode, I felt like its also one of the Macross brands where there is alien attack down the town. The second episode begin with Ozma Lee, also one of the S.M.S pilot found Alto instead of his friend on board while watching him fight. Seeing Alto can’t cope with Valkyrie weaponry, he quickly intervene. As he realize than Ranka there, he quickly command Alto to get the girl away from the battlefield.

Though showing his maneuver skills, Alto is still an amateur when it comes to flying a fighter plane. He’s desperately trying to escape the aliens attack and even almost got Ranka thrown into the space. But in a pinch, from faraway, Michael able to snipe the enemies and create opportunity for him and Ranka to escape.

Afterwards, everything came back to normal. But on the school Alto is called by the military, for he was using a military property. Then Ozma shows him the Valkyrie of that he used and the remains of his friend, Gilliam, the fallen pilot and asking the details of his death. But before Alto even explain, another alarm already rings, apparently the remaining invaders are active again. As Alto asking to join, he got a punch and kicked out of the base instead, but outside he found Ranka and Sheryl. while watching the S.M.S fighters take of one after another, surprisingly one of the alien came in front of them.

The episode three begin as Ozma who saw the alien near the base quickly turns and hold the alien while the three people below manage to get to an abandoned emergency bunker. Ozma barely survive when Michael once again finally stop the alien, but the alien manage to escape so they quickly chase it down to space and shot it down before more casualties happen. Meanwhile in the bunker some things happen between the three of them (I’ll leave that to your imagination, but definitely ain’t threesome LOL), and the old abandoned bunker got cut off from oxigen supply, but they somehow manage to get some help. But Ozma, who covering his job as a pilot instead of normal staff to Ranka, got heavily wounded and one of the staff accidentally mention his name got caught by Ranka ears, and she got a bit shocked.

Later on Alto start asking about the aliens which attack them, but they kept silent. As they say there’s no turning back if they told him, they let Alto think about it carefully before he actually join them. As he lost in thought, he accidentally met Ranka again. And somehow while hearing and cheering for her, he also cheering himself to why he wants to fly. And that meeting made up their minds to chase their own dreams. Alto to join the S.M.S fleet, and Ranka to show her voice by joining the Miss Macross contest

And now to episode four…

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