Shakugan no Shana – episode 18: Bafled Yuji

BLAZE – Shakugan no Shana II Opening Soundtrack
by KOTOKO – translated by SS-Eclipse Subs

No day fails to meet the dawn.
Even if the darkness heartlessly takes over the world,
sweep it away while It’s still incomplete.
No day fails to meet the dusk.
Even if you ponder the absurdity you’ve experienced,
The Blaze inside your heart you hold so tight doesn’t seem to fade away.

Because I have faith in the one and only strength in this ever-changing world.
I choose to live in it. I’ll leap over that wall.
Since we who are wise,
say goodbye to a comfortable daily life
and go search for meaning behind all that transpires.
There is a long journey ahead!
So swear to other that stand against the time that sleeps at the swaying blue sky’s end
and continue forward.

I always found Kotoko’s song interesting and the lyric is simple yet meaningful~ I will also put the Hayate no Gotoku OP later and you can see what I mean. BTW since the single haven’t comes out yet usually there could be a bit mis-translation but you still get the whole point.

And after pick up some pace this episode is back to slow mode, though for Yuji he made some improvement on his skill but total degradation in attitude. But this episode remind me how adorable Shana can be~<3

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Shakugan no Shana II – Episode 17: Each and Every Person’s Path

ShanaII title

“Before we even know, our world has been swallowed by the fire of Guze….” is the prologue of the first season Shakugan no Shana (Shana The Red Flaming Eyes). This story is adapted from the novel with the same name, which has been sold over a million in Japan. It told about their world that have been invaded by people from Guze, a parallel world, who use humans “flame of existence” for their own personal gain, and by doing it, they disturb the balance of existence in both world. More sadly people who have their flame of existence out will be forgotten, as if they never exist. To reduce the effect, they create temporarily the people who disappear with “torch”, a replacement that slowly burns out. But it can’t replace the lost existence and so the Kings who aware of the disturbance effect start sending “hunters”, people who bond a contract with them, to hunt those destructive “Guze no Tomogara” who abuse the flame of existence.

The story begin with Sakai Yuji, one day while he was in the middle of the Misaki City, the world around him turns into red and time seems like stopping. In the middle of the paralyze world suddenly two monsters appear and start absorb the people flames, and also one of his friend Hirai Yukari. Realizing that the boy can still move the monsters know that he is not ordinary and start chasing him, suddenly appear a girl in a black robe with red flaming hair and eye with a katana. Along the battle Yuuji start to realize that he actually already dead before and become a torch, not ordinary torch though a “Mystes”, inside of his torch laying an extraordinary “Hougou”, an artifact that created by the Guze. And so their adventure begin.

I love this series, I already watch the first season three times and still found it exciting, the action, the giddy romance, and the importance of existence. And starting from fall 2007, the second season start to air in Japan.
The second season starts fast but then really slow, maybe because I didn’t read the novel (no translations currently), but looks like since episode 13 this show start to pick up the pace.

As previous review I’ll start from the current episodes, actually this is a week late but the next subbed episode haven’t popped out yet so there’s nothing to lose.

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