H2O: Footprints in the Sand – episode 09: Hozumi

H2O 09 Title Screen

Woah, as usual this anime is full with surprises~ especially about resolution~

You’ll see what I mean~

It’s festival day, but there’s something unique in this village, there’s bell everywhere. Seeing that Takuma remember the bell that was given by his late mother and without a clue he just bring the bell without any intention.

But the bell also meant for something else for the teenagers in this village, it’s also a form of confession to a girl if you give her before the festival, and when the girl accept it she will bring it during festival. And that makes al the girls around him start panicking~ XD

After a few funny “accidents” this matter becomes clear. And he explain to Hayami and Hotaru that the bell is a memento of his mother when he accidentally scatter the beads that encircle the bell. But Hayami and Hotaru know that that he hide a part of the story of his mother.

H2O 09 the bell of memories

“That bell is mine!”, “No, I’m seeing it first~!” just kidding~

While thinking about it, Hotaru visit Hayami who bathing in the outdoor spring (Yum~! fan-service~<3 lol). They both worry and curious about his past. But some unressponsible Arson, burns down the shack where Hayami live and so Hayami now live in Takuma’s uncle house. Of course with Takuma (Ouch~! You lucky dog~! rawr~!)

H2O 09 bathing under the moonlight

Nothing better than open air bath, it’s free too~

H2O 09 Hayami burned shack

And after a cold bath there’s have to be bonfire… wait a minute, that’s my house~!

H2O 09 Kenshiro… not, he’s Hozumi btw

Dont worry, Hentai Hige Oojisan to the rescue~

H2O 09 Hayami in her new house

You’re free to stay here ojousan~ BTW He’s a compliment for you~

While the villagers who still keeping anger against hayami’s late parents try to accuse her causing fire, but surprisingly the village head try to defend by opening possibility to Arson, and so the case is delayed after the festival.

H2O 09 the meet

I hereby pronounce them husband and wife…

Meanwhile Takuma and Hayami left alone in the house by his uncle who went to the meeting. And yes, there’s an “accidents” XD happen. Hayami who haven’t live in a house for a long time is a bit unsettled while bathing in a roofed bathroom. She play around with the tap and accidentally turn the hot water shower, so he asked Takuma for help to turn it off, and there’s a soap bar lying on the floor… you know the rest.

H2O 09 the accidents

Don’t mind me, I’m just checking the water temperature~

After getting punched (woah~ not a bitch slapper type eh~) Takuma and Hayami cools down on the veranda. Hayami force him a bit to tell about his past, though unsure he finally tell he. The truth made Hayami a bit shock and worried that she hurt him.

And so the festival begin, Hayami who regretful for forcing him giving Takuma’s bell that she fixed to Hotaru so she could give it to him. But Hotaru refuse, she knew how he felt about her, and she tell her that he trust her, thats why he told his past. Hotaru also said that he is waiting her on the hill.

Hayami quickly rush off, while passing the head of villagers. He said that its probably retribution, hmm~ its bothering me~ I hope he doesn’t try anything.

She met him there and show him the bell, but he refused it and tell her to keep it. And he also confess to her. And this is also the point when I dropped my jaw, I mean there’s still four more episodes (remember this is a 13 episodes anime) and the love triangle already resolved too~ sooo faasttt~ while secretly, Hotaru is in tears while giving her performance. Poor hotaru~ she have more sizes “there” but its Hayami the main heroine, well most of the viewer doesn’t really like her wishy-washy character, but I’ve seen worse.

H2O 09 The Dance

I’m so good that it made me cry~

H2O 09 the blue moon

“Do you know what I think?” *she shake her head* “The moon is a bit too big~”


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